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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Matt's First Science Experiment: Growing Crystals

This is going to be a several part blog of my oldest son, Matt's, learning experience though this project.

Grow Your Own Crystals

We had to line the bucket that came with the kit with a plastic trash bag, because somehow it got a crack in the side.
We made the clear (quartz) crystal using the large base rock.
This part Mama had to do.. boil the water and measure out the boiling water into another pot.

This is Matt pouring the crystal mix into the measured boiling water. He looked like a little scientist. :)

Then, Matt had to stir the mixture until all of the crystal powder was dissolved.
Then, Mama had to pour the hot mixture over the base rock in the bucket.
Then, Matt covered the bucket, and I closed it up and put it in a dark place where it would be left alone, undisturbed for 24 hours.. And patience is learned!

MORE PICTURES TOMORROW! We'll see how it looks!



Crystals forming, day 3 and day 6. The trash bag lining leaked and crystal liquid has dried and growing crystals on outside of box!

So cool!

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