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Friday, April 15, 2011

Make A Tote Bag From A Feed Sack

This is another really cool UpCycling craft that I made.
We buy dog/cat/chicken feed in large nylon feed sacks and I thought that the material was durable enough to be used for something else, so I saved a bunch of them. I have yet to use them all, but now that I have a sewing machine, maybe I can push more of these out! Here is a picture of the first tote I made. I am looking for simpler plans, so if anyone has any ideas, please, inform me!

Yes, it is secured with duct tape AND sewn.. I made this one by hand, the other one, I haven't gotten photos of yet, is made from an Ol' Roy dog food bag, and it doesn't look near as good as this, and I used a sewing machine!
And YES, this is strong enough to tote TWO full gallons of milk!


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